Do one thing everyday that scares you

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"We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are." - Anaïs Nin

why am I so weird

Today started out great! And then I woke up.

Nah, just kidding, it hasn’t been all bad. Just the parts where I binged on cereal or gotten rained on and been bored because the weather pretty much cancelled my plans have been not so cool. Other than that I give today a solid 4. I made a fantastic avocado, cheddar and chicken panini for lunch, treated myself to a new shirt and had a good talk with mommy dearest.

Now I’m about to curl up in bed with some sleepy time tea and drift off to dreamland.

Cheers to a better tomorrow. May the sunshine be with me.

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If by “Serving size: 3/4 Cup” you mean 1/2 the box, then yes, I agree.

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Should I or should I not? I kinda really wanna.

Should I or should I not? I kinda really wanna.

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Anonymous asked: I'm so proud of you for being in recovery, I know you can beat this awful illness, I love you stay strong x


Yes I sure can! High five, my little gray friend with them shades on. Thanks for your message, I love you too. As long as we support each other in this community, we can pretty much achieve anything. :)

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Monday night cuddles with a fresh box of crackers.

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I was so focused on work that I lost track of time and space. It was all fun and games until a hunger induced head ache slammed me back down on planet earth. I had some chocolate oatmeal and am about to have some whipped cream and Tylenol for desser. Yeah.

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another day in la la land

One of the best things after a long day is coming home. Here I can just be. My apartment feels safe at nights, it’s my nest, my place to rest. I had a delicious dinner of oatmeal, haha, bc brinner is the winner. Now I’m about to hide under my covers with Gray’s anatomy and tea (or hot chocolate, I haven’t decided yet).

Two things I want to put out there before I hide away:

  1. I had TWO apples today. Two. That’s more than one of the same thing, so yay me!
  2. I put chocolate on my grocery list (but I wish I had some now)
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day in the life

Today had it’s ups and downs. For some reason I started to feel really teary and sad when a customer and my manager paid me a huge compliment, go figure. Like no, head, that’s not how you’re supposed to react!

But meh, that passed quickly and I had another one of my Lunchables (with them cookies!) as a snack. Oh the perks of being an adult. They should be calling them Snackables (wait, I love that idea - TRADEMARK NOW!).

Now I’m on my way to go out to a bar (where I have to be a real adult and not the kind who eats lunchables for a snack, yahhh).

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I’m going out for ice cream now, so byeee :)

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